PLC + Motion Control and frequency converter

MIKA Projekt Servis can offer you a full spectrum approach to automation based on different equipment manufacturers. We can help you with planning and making a new installation or with improving your existing system. We use SIEMENS, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Bachmann, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contract and other equipment. Beside that, combining different manufacturers’ products is our specialty.

We are very proud of our knowledge of the old systems such as SIEMENS Step5, Graph 5, SIMOVERT VC and MC, DC drives SIMOREG, Micromaster, SIMODRIVE, Rockwell PLC5, RS View ME/SE.

For a precise control and ultra-fast response we use motion control applications on SIMOTION, Siemens Technology PLC, Control Logix, Bachmann, Mitsubishi Q-Motion platforms.

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